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Software that's letting you do your job.

Software that's letting you do your job.

We develop for people

We believe people should enjoy their work. That’s why we like to develop software that is intuitive, and does exactly what you want it to do. The fact that we work agile, use the latest techniques and we strive to innovate, is just a given.

Timo Gatsonides
The software is very user-friendly and logical, both at the front-end and at the back-end.” Timo Gatsonides, general manager GATSO
Jelle van den Berg

Doctors and nurses should spend time working with patients as much as possible. Therefore the administrative chores at CASA are as automated as possible - it is all happening behind the scenes. – Jelle van den Berg

User centered approach

A doctor wants to help his patients. A manager likes quick overviews. So before we start developing your software, we like to speak to all user groups. We do so in person. That way we get a crystal clear view of your business processes and user wish lists. What would make the work easier? What would make people happier? We share those insights with you so we can develop the ultimate software together. And we use the Scrum methodology to do so.

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Ready for the future

When developing custom applications we like to anticipate future changes. To do so, we take your organisation’s plans into account when we set up the technical basis of your software architecture. Do you have the ambition to grow or plans to merge? What trends do you see in the market? Will there be different Enterprise software? By taking all of this into account now, we develop Agile software, ready for your future.

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Case: GATSO Xilium

Efficient processing of traffic violations

GATSO and Ambrero have been partners for a small decade, and we've developed quite a few challenging applications for them. Xilium is no exception. The application is used to process traffic violations on a daily basis all over the world, including multiple cities in the United States. Violations are processed by the GATSO operators, and are later approved by Police officials. The offender receives a printed ticket, and can log-on online to view the evidence and pay the fine.

Case: CAS

Multifunctional electronic health record

For the medical institute Casa, Ambrero developed the multi-web application CAS, focused on security and usability. An agenda, administration, treatment schemes, medical files, finance etcetera, all is included in CAS. It has the highest security level because of the sensitive patient data and regulatory requirements are set out in easy procedures. Complex care course is clearly mapped out, and it contains a wide variety of functionalities. The web applications are now fully aligned with our the processes Casa uses. That saves them a lot of work.

Case: MKB-afval

Clever e-commerce

How do you ensure that companies fast and simple get rid of their waste? That was the idea of ​​GP Groot, a waste treatment company active in the Netherlands. The idea was as simple as innovative: Ambrero developed the portal and a system for subscription and relation management.

Simplifying complex processes

We believe even the most complex business processes can be embedded in user-friendly software. Because of this, we’ve made thousands of employees happy over the years. With our agile methods we develop various types of software for the web, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and the cloud:

  • Apps for tablets and smartphones
  • Complete back-end systems
  • Desktop-applications
  • Web based client-software
  • Middleware software (ESB)
  • Intranet-portals
  • Helpdesk software
  • Software for the medical sector
  • E-learning tools
  • Distribution software

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