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We develop software on a daily basis. This involves so much more than programming alone. We’ve gained our knowledge and experience through years of collaboration with organisations of 3 to 3.000 people. Our projects range from perfecting teamwork to designing the complete architecture of Enterprise software.

Finishing off projects with Agile and Scrum

When development takes too long. Or when there are too many problems too often. It can’t hurt to bring in someone from the outside with a fresh take on things. Our years of experience with agile software development have taught us exactly how to help your developers use the Scrum methodology. We teach them what Scrum is really about, as well as skills for better agile working.

Designing your architecture

One of the things we like to get our teeth into is the architecture of your Enterprise software. From organically grown ‘spaghetti’ we make a convenient blueprint with simplified data flows, business processes, software maintenance and expansion. And as it happens, we’ve become quite the experts on Open Source software. As certified technicians, we constantly analyse and test the latest developments. We like to share all this knowledge with you, so you can make well-founded decisions on what techniques match your plans best.

“A continual focus on the people that use this software.”
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Advice on functionalities

Every day, we develop new software and connect different software systems. This enables us to offer knowledgeable advice throughout the preliminary phase. Before the software is developed, we can check if you really need custom software. Or what risks come with it. We can figure out how to prioritize the functionalities that are to be developed in the best possible way. And which links with existing systems have to be made. Or how the new software fits into existing architecture.

Advice on usability

Because of our continual focus on the people that have to use the software, we have gained ample experience when it comes to the usability of software. We can test for you if the software really meets the requirements of a doctor, a helpdesk technician or the CFO. Will the software offer the intended efficiency in the work process? We swiftly expose quick wins and explore the possibilities for sustainable solutions. Together with the users.


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+31 (0)88-Ambrero (+31 (0)2627376)

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